Port Supervisor B.V. has started her activities in 2011 as an independent company providing specialised services for the shipping, port logistics and insurance industries.


The Port Supervisor team has built up considerable expertise in cargo handling, transport, logistics and engineering, combined with know-how of insurance techniques, risk management and loss prevention and incident management all with respect to cargo and interests.


Our core business includes risk services, hazardous cargo management and surveys involved in the handling, packing, storage, warehousing, transhipment and carriage of hazardous and general cargoes.


The Port Supervisor team consists of Hazardous Cargo Specialists, Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors and senior inspectors








Port Supervisor operates from Rotterdam/Amsterdam and Antwerp. Its office is strategically placed in relation to the modern port areas, with easy access to major road and rail systems and in close proximity to the cargo handling and transhipment sites and industrial zones. We are ideally situated to permit prompt attendance in the entire Rotterdam/Amsterdam/Antwerp port areas.

Although the majority of our activities take place in the port and industrial zones of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp, Port Supervisor also operates throughout Europe and on other continents. 


We have excellent contacts with reliable independent business partners in many ports and industrial areas, which is a great advantage when dealing with urgent cases. Also we have a good relationship with the several Authorities in the Netherlands and Belgium. 


Port Supervisor draws up proposals for the solution of problems put to them by their principals.






Hazardous products


In this day and age the possible consequences of environmental damage and personal injury resulting from accidents with hazardous chemicals may greatly exceed the value of the product concerned.


Increasing demand over the years for our expertise and assistance in connection with the handling and carriage of (hazardous) chemicals was followed by requests to attend environmental hazards resulting from accidents involving dangerous goods.



Special, vulnerable or critical hazardous products


Uniformity of (containerised) cargo handling requires quick and efficient transhipment. It also demands for fast, combined transport and extra care that is required for special, vulnerable or difficult products, which may not be left unattended. Our services include cargo damage surveys, expert cargo inspections, advice on loss prevention and also safeguarding of special and vulnerable cargo. For example with the transhipment of these kind of products in consolidated containers.



Hazardous cargo in (supply chain) logistics


Port Supervisor assists transport companies, warehousing and stevedoring firms handling hazardous cargo in meeting applicable national and international hazardous cargo regulations.

Obtaining required permits and exemptions from the authorities and acting as Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA), Port Supervisor complements the hazardous cargo activities